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THAIHONGDA CHEMICAL CO.,LTD  discovery biology services include in vitro biology and in vivo pharmacology. THAIHONGDA CHEMICAL CO.,LTD state-of-the-art biology facilities include an animal facility, molecular diagnosis facility, and GMP-compliant microbiology facility. The animal facility is equipped with automated monitoring and control systems and houses animal models ranging from mice to rhesus monkeys. The facility has passed both client and government inspection. The molecular diagnosis facility, with a standard P2 laboratory is in service for clinical samples.


Our in vitro Biology team has extensive experience in molecular biology, assay development, drug target validation, SAR support, and other pre-clinical development. The biological team can support most drug discovery targets, including enzymes, nuclear receptors, and GPCRs, and has established research platforms for oncology, CNS diseases, nanotechnology, microbiology and molecular diagnosis. We have extensive experiences in developing biochemical and cell-based assays. Our assay detection formats include fluorescence, color metrics, mass-spec, radioisotope, PCR, real time PCR etc. We also provide services in the determination of mechanism of action for enzymes, inhibitors, and receptor agonists and antagonists; characterization of binding kinetics and binding sites.


Our In vivo Pharmacology team has rich experience in developing and optimizing animal models for several disease areas, especially for oncology and CNS targets. We have established several animal models, including CNS disorders (memory, pain, Parkinson disease, etc.), cancer, infectious and metabolic (diabetes) diseases.


The animal species are readily available from Shanghai Sunway Pharmaceutical Technology Co.,Ltd and we can perform in life study for these species: mice, rats, hamsters, pigs, rabbits, beagle dogs and rhesus/cyno monkeys.

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